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Past & Future Lives : Buddhism 101 Podcast Bonus

In this extended recording Professor Thurman gives an introductory teaching on the centrality of reincarnation to the Buddha’s philosophy and how an understanding of past and future lives is essential to becoming enlightened. Using the teachings of Atisha, Tsongkhapa and the 14th Dalai Lama, Robert Thurman begins the teaching with a humorous thought experiment examining… Read more and listen »

Altruism and Compassion : Buddhism 101 – Ep. 206

In this episode Robert A.F. Thurman introduces the heart of the Buddha’s teaching through an exploration of the compassionate self-interest and social altruism found in the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-Fold Path. Opening with a re-telling of the story featured in the “Man of Peace” Graphic Novel about the Dalai Lama’s first encounter with… Read more and listen »

Buddhism 101: Creative + Humorous Rudeness – Ep. 160

Joined by Foundation for the Sacred Stream’s Isa Gucciardi Ph.D. Robert AF Thurman in this podcast discusses the power of creative and humorous rudeness as taught by Shantideva, Tibet’s Dalai Lama and by his beloved teacher: wife of fifty years Nena von Schlebrügge. This two part podcast begins with Professor Thurman recounting personal stories from… Read more and listen »

Super Knowledge For Busy People : Buddhism 101 – Ep. 159

In this recording from his early days at Columbia University Professor Thurman explores Indo-Tibetan Buddhism in the intellectual setting of ancient India and Tibet, how it relates to modern philosophical thought and to the mindfulness revolution in popular culture. Focusing on the Dialecticist Centrism found in the writings of Aryadeva, Dharmakīrti, Dignāga, Tsongkhapa, Vasubandhu & in… Read more and listen »

Mandala Building + Mantra Practice : Buddhism 101 – Ep. 152

The Mandala is central to the visual language of Tibetan Buddhist culture and to the rich meditative traditions as taught by its Dalai Lamas, Yogis, Monks & Nuns.  In this two part podcast Robert AF Thurman gives an in depth teaching on the building of mandalas (both physically + conceptually) explaining some of the traditional… Read more and listen »

Lam Rim: Stages of The Path – Buddhism 101 – Ep. 142

Exploring the history of the “Lam Rim: Stages of The Path” a collection of mind training teachings preserved in Tibet, Professor Thurman provides an introduction to these cherished practices as refined + passed down by Tsongkhapa & the Dalai Lama lineage. Podcast includes a discussion of Gendün Druppa the First Dalai Lama, the centrality of… Read more and listen »

Buddhism 101: Tara Meditation with Isa Gucciardi – Ep. 133

In this podcast Professor Thurman is joined by Foundation of the Sacred Stream’s Isa Gucciardi Ph.D. in exploring the symbolism used in traditional Buddhist Tara visualizations & in shamanistic practices. Includes a discussion of the use of sound, light, movement & dreams in rituals, an explanation of the practice of working with the unconscious and… Read more and listen »

Buddhism 101: Four Noble Facts & The Eightfold Path – Ep. 130

In this extended podcast Professor Thurman begins with an explanation of the Four Noble Truths teaching & then details the systematic process of enlightenment as laid out by the historical Buddha known as the The Eightfold Path. The Eightfold path, breaks down into what’s known as the three educations. Of those three educations you have… Read more and listen »

Buddhism 101 : The Four Noble Truths – Ep. 124

In this podcast Professor Thurman provides the context of the Buddha’s Enlightenment before launching into a succinct explanation of The Four Noble Truths. Opening this week’s episode with a discussion of the historical and spiritual setting in which the Buddha attained enlightenment, Robert A.F. Thurman gives an introduction to his discoveries and how they are… Read more and listen »