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Buddhist History 101: Dalai Lama Son of Nālandā & Indian Culture – Ep. 140

In this podcast Robert AF Thurman discusses the history of Nālandā & why the Dalai Lama of Tibet identifies Tibetan Buddhism as well as himself as heirs to the university whose ruins are located in modern-day Bihar, India. Founded under the patronage of the Gupta King Chandragupta II Vikramāditya in the 5th Century then Destroyed… Read more »

Wheel of Dharma & Buddhism as Philosophy : Buddhist History 101 – Ep. 138

In this podcast Professor Thurman discusses the concept of the Wheel of Dharma and the historical Buddha’s role as the founder of a world philosophy within the complex religious landscape of India at the time of his teaching. Opening with a humorous story on the Buddha’s view on Theism including his meeting with Brahma &… Read more »

Buddhist History 101: Three Vehicles & Buddha’s Early Life – Ep. 137

Opening this podcast Professor Thurman lays out the history of the Three Vehicles of Buddhism comparing + contrasting the Individual (Hinayana), Universal (Mahayana), & Vajra vehicles or traditions, tracing their origins, spread across Asia & modern manifestations. Podcast concludes with a detailed telling of the Buddha’s birth, early life & process of enlightenment from various… Read more »

Yoga, Bliss & Mind : Buddhist Inner Sciences – Ep. 205

Opening with a discussion on the Buddhist definition of the mind, Professor Thurman details the philosophical history of and essential role of exploring it’s nature through the experience of bliss within the Buddha’s teachings and in it’s meditations and yoga practices. Detailing how Buddhism’s central tenets of causality, emptiness and compassion relate to modern Quantum… Read more »

Exploring Buddhist Opening Verses – Ep. 204

Using the “Esoteric Community” (Guhyasamāja), by Tsongkhapa  Professor Thurman discusses the fractal nature of Buddhist writings and how with proper study and meditation upon their salutatory or opening verses one can understand the full meaning of the Buddha’s esoteric and esoteric teachings. Podcast opens with an exploration of the history of Buddhist monastic and university… Read more »

Buddhist Sciences Vajrayana : Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

In this Force For Good archive recording, Professor Thurman gives a teaching on the history of Buddhism and the Esoteric Vajrayana meditation practices preserved in Tibet and found within all Buddhist traditions and teachings. Opening with a humorous presentation on non-duality using the science fiction movies featuring Godzilla, Robert A.F. Thurman explores the nature of… Read more »

Buddhist Psychonauts & Their Yogic Technology – Ep. 189

Using the work of His Holiness the Dalai Lama as presented in Daniel Goleman’s best selling book “Force for Good” Robert A.F. Thurman elucidates the esoteric sources and imaginative tools used by Tibetan monastics, wandering mendicants, yogis, yoginis and everyday sensitive beings for the cultivation of love, compassion, joy, and equilibrium. Opening with an introduction… Read more »

Buddhism 101: Creative + Humorous Rudeness – Ep. 160

Joined by Foundation for the Sacred Stream’s Isa Gucciardi Ph.D. Robert AF Thurman in this podcast discusses the power of creative and humorous rudeness as taught by Shantideva, Tibet’s Dalai Lama and by his beloved teacher: wife of fifty years Nena von Schlebrügge. This two part podcast begins with Professor Thurman recounting personal stories from… Read more »

Science Fiction as Sadhana : Buddhist Inner Sciences – Ep. 158

Recounting stories from his last day teaching at Columbia University Robert AF Thurman opens this two part podcast with a discussion of Tsongkhapa’s “Essence of True Eloquence“, popularly known to Tibetans and those studying the Centralist Mind Training texts as “Tsongkhapa’s Iron Bow” due to it’s complexity as the ground for an in depth examination… Read more »

Mandala Building + Mantra Practice : Buddhism 101 – Ep. 152

The Mandala is central to the visual language of Tibetan Buddhist culture and to the rich meditative traditions as taught by its Dalai Lamas, Yogis, Monks & Nuns.  In this two part podcast Robert AF Thurman gives an in depth teaching on the building of mandalas (both physically + conceptually) explaining some of the traditional… Read more »