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Yoga, Bliss & Mind : Buddhist Inner Sciences – Ep. 205

Opening with a discussion on the Buddhist definition of the mind, Professor Thurman details the philosophical history of and essential role of exploring it’s nature through the experience of bliss within the Buddha’s teachings and in it’s meditations and yoga practices. Detailing how Buddhism’s central tenets of causality, emptiness and compassion relate to modern Quantum… Read more and listen »

Buddhist Inner Sciences: Revealing Your Magic Body – Ep. 183

Robert A.F. Thurman and Dr. Nida Chenagtsang in this two part podcast give an introduction to Buddhist Tantra and the meditation practices used to accelerate spiritual evolution through the development of one’s magic body. Using Nargajuna‘s verses on clear light, Bodhisattvas, the development of the rainbow body and bliss Professor Thurman gives an introduction to… Read more and listen »

Science Fiction as Sadhana : Buddhist Inner Sciences – Ep. 158

Recounting stories from his last day teaching at Columbia University Robert AF Thurman opens this two part podcast with a discussion of Tsongkhapa’s “Essence of True Eloquence“, popularly known to Tibetans and those studying the Centralist Mind Training texts as “Tsongkhapa’s Iron Bow” due to it’s complexity as the ground for an in depth examination… Read more and listen »

Buddhist Inner Sciences 101: Buddha as Scientist – Ep. 135

In this podcast Professor Thurman discusses the historical Buddha as an Inner Scientist applying the scientific method of inquiry in his exploration of inner & outer realities of the self and the world. Includes a guided selflessness meditation, an explanation of the concept of voidness and an in depth introduction to the Buddhist Inner Sciences…. Read more and listen »

Buddhist Inner Sciences 101: Chakras – Ep. 123

In this podcast Professor Thurman & Richard Freeman discuss interdependence, the need for compassion for self & others before detailing the subtle energetic system of the nervous system known in the yoga tradition as the chakras. Using references to ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ Maz Kantana, The Kalachakra Tantra, Wilhelm Reich & Freud’s Primal Scene Professor… Read more and listen »

Buddhist Inner Sciences 101: Three Luminosities – Ep 55

In this episode Professor Thurman talks about a coarse, subtle and super subtle body-mind. He then explains the Tibetan Buddhist concept of “three luminosities”: the states of consciousness, which can be experienced either after death, or during sleep. He compares the infinite energy of the clear-light space in our mind with the zero-quantum vacuum energy field. Excerpted… Read more and listen »

Buddhist Inner Sciences : Revealing Your Rainbow Body – Ep. 25

Yuthok Nyingthig is the most important practice for Tibetan medicine healing practitioners. The practice of Yuthok Nyingthig helps reveal the rainbow body that is each person’s natural state. Professor Thurman discusses the meaning of empowerment, tantra, and why the rainbow body of natural bliss and happiness is such an important teaching for our modern world…. Read more and listen »

Buddhist Inner Sciences : Mis-knowing – Ep. 22

The Buddha’s Wheel of Dependent Origination describes the cycle of existence—the endless wheel of samsara and suffering. The first link on this wheel is ignorance, or mis-knowing. Specifically, the idea that we are separate from others. Professor Thurman explains how this fundamental misunderstanding of separateness creates the whole universe of suffering. It is also the… Read more and listen »

Uncreated Mind : Buddhist Inner Sciences – Ep. 20

In this lecture, Professor Thurman explains the concept of non-duality, and that emptiness doesn’t mean we don’t have a mind. Emptiness means we have an uncreated mind—it has always been there and it can never be destroyed. What this means is that we’re already in nirvana, we’ve always been in nirvana, and we can’t leave… Read more and listen »

Mahamudra Meditation : Buddhist Inner Sciences – Ep. 18

Robert A.F. Thurman gives advice to a group of students who have been learning the Mahamudra (great seal) meditation. This episode is an extract from a lecture given to students of the Nalanda Institute on April 16th. Advice on Mahamudra Meditation : Buddhist Inner Sciences 101 Episode 18 the Bob Thurman Podcast Photo of Robert A.F…. Read more and listen »