Christmas Podcast: Buddhists Love Jesus Too!

Celebrate tonight the welcoming of the Infinite Divine in the form of an innocent child, reaching out not only to humans, but also to non-humans by being born in a manger, and not just to one tribe, but to all of the world, represented by the three wise men. Professor Thurman wishes a Merry Christmas to all of us.

This podcast was recorded on December 24, 2015 by Professor Thurman specially for the Christmas Eve at his residence in Catskills, Woodstock, NY.

Christmas Podcast: Buddhists Love Jesus Too! Bob Thurman Podcast with Robert A.F. Thurman

Christmas Podcast: Buddhists Love Jesus Too! Image by Christina Varga, all rights reserved, used with persmission.

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The songs “Trance Tibet” & ‘Dancing Ling’ by Tenzin Choegyal from the album ‘Heart Sutra‘ (2004) by Ethno Super Lounge is used on the Bob Thurman Podcast with artist’s permission, all rights reserved.

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