Buddhist Inner Sciences : Mis-knowing – Ep. 22

The Buddha’s Wheel of Dependent Origination describes the cycle of existence—the endless wheel of samsara and suffering. The first link on this wheel is ignorance, or mis-knowing. Specifically, the idea that we are separate from others. Professor Thurman explains how this fundamental misunderstanding of separateness creates the whole universe of suffering. It is also the key to putting an end to the cycle altogether.

“Buddhist Inner Sciences: Fundamental Mis-knowing” podcast is an excerpt from a course taught by Robert A.F. Thurman at Columbia University, focusing mainly on his book “The Central Philosophy of Tibet” – a study and translation of Jey Tsong Khapa’s “Essence of True Eloquence” (tib: drang nges legs bshad snying po)’, but also addressing material in Jey Tsong Khapa’s “Ocean of Reasoning” translated by Geshe Ngawang Samten & J Garfield, and in Aryadeva’s “Four Hundred Stanzas” translated by Ruth Sonam.

Buddhist Inner Sciences : Fundamental Mis-knowing - Ep. 22 of the Bob Thurman Dalai Lama Image

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This podcast is apart of the Buddhist Inner Sciences 101 Podcast Series taken from the Bob Thurman & Tibet House US archives which are intended to provide an introduction to the yogic, meditative & theoretical practices of the tradition. These recordings are intended to be general overviews & one should be studying with a qualified teacher before attempting or engaging in the practices.

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Podcast Extra

The Central Philosophy of Tibet

This is the first full study, translation, and critical annotation of the Essence of True Eloquence by Jey Tsong Khapa (1357-1419), universally acknowledged as the greatest Tibetan philosopher. Robert Thurman's translation and introduction present a …