Emptiness of Emptiness – Ep 50

In this episode Professor Thurman explains the concept of emptiness. Sometimes people think if they have an experience where things seem to melt into empty space, that it is a realization of emptiness. It is a valuable experience — as long as it’s not misinterpreted — however, it’s not a realization of emptiness. It can be called a threshold of realization of emptiness: the things that seem to be solid and differentiated melt into this sort of vast space. But then, the space itself is not there obstructing relative things that we perceive. The space itself is a space wherein all the relative things are, and that emptiness, and that space is empty of itself, which is expressed by saying “emptiness of emptiness.” So, a state of being apart from the world is itself empty, because it’s also a relational state. It’s a state into which you departed through a certain diamond-like concentration.

This episode was recorded on December 31, 2015 at the “New Year’s Yoga & Meditation Retreat” at Menla Mountain Retreat, taught by Sharon Salzberg, Robert Thurman, Carolyn Christie, & Brooke Myers.

The “Force for Good” Course, which Professor Thurman discussed in the end of the previous podcast, is available as a Livestream Talk Series with Q & A. You can find the full course information here: http://tibethouse.us/event/h-h-dalai-lamaining-marathon/2016-01-13/


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