Igniting Your Inner Fire: Tummo Meditation Retreat

June 11, 2020 @ 10:00 am – June 15, 2020 @ 7:04 am
Tibet House US | Menla Online

Stories of cotton clad monks melting snow while practicing Tummo–or inner fire-meditation–first ignited imaginations through the writings of Alexandra David-Néel and Lama Govinda, giving the world a glimpse of unlocking human potential through the study of the wisdom, compassion and yoga practices of Buddhism.

Join us for this rare and precious offering, as Bob and Dr. Nida lead us through an introduction to Tummo practice, its history, and its context within Buddhist Inner Sciences, providing instruction on the foundational meditations and visualizations necessary to begin its practice.

Purifying all negativity and enhancing innate bliss, the Tummo fire practice is one of the Six Yogas in Vajrayana Buddhism and is the foundation of other Tibetan yogic practices, including Karmamudra. Its purpose is to gain complete control over all body functions, resulting in perfect health and the experience of continuous bliss.

Dr. Nida and Robert Thurman will explore the inner and outer yoga traditions of Buddhism through the teachings of Yuthok Yonten Gonpo the Younger, the life stories of the Wild-Yogi Ascetics or Mahasiddhas, and the philosophical writings of Atisha, Nagarjuna & Tsongkhapa to provide practical lessons, tools and perspectives to sensitive beings of any time.

Dr. Nida’s senior student James Bae will provide Nine Breath Purification instruction and Tummo demonstrations

This workshop is intended as an introduction to the Tummo Yoga of Yuthok for students of Buddhism, yoga, and the holistic healing arts and sciences. Information about traditional Buddhist Vajrayana empowerment offerings and continuing study and practice will be provided at the end of online retreat.

All levels welcome!