Wise Sweet Love : The Noble Teachings of Vimalakīrti

June 6, 2020 @ 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Menla Retreat and Dewa Spa

In this weekly class series Robert A.F. Thurman will guide students through a close reading (with relevant digressions taking Vimalakirti’s wisdom live for today) of “The Noble Teaching of Vimalakīrti” using the classic text to introduce basic Buddhist meditation, history, philosophy, and realization.

The Vimalakīrti Sutra records happenings in Shakyamuni Buddha’ time (6th Century BCE) but not published as a text until around 0CE, a watershed moment in Buddhist history that brought sacred teachings out of the monasteries and into the streets and around the world, and out of classical language and into the vernacular.

Presenting the major teachings of Mahāyāna Buddhism in a precise, dramatic, and even humorous form, this Sūtra, called the “jewel of the Mahāyāna Sūtras,” has enjoyed immense popularity among Mahāyāna Buddhists in India, central and southeast Asia, Japan, and especially China, where its incidents were the basis for a style in art and literature prevalent during several centuries. Recently, it has become extremely popular in America, Europe, and Australia, through its various versions and translations.

The Thurman translation version of the text we will be discussing is available for free download from www.84000.com, as The Noble Teaching of Vimalakīrti. There is a dramatically fun introduction in the spirit of Vimalakirti by the Venerable Dzongsar Kyentse Rinpoche, also on that website.In this magical work, the elder layman, Vimalakirti, entertains and instructs a host of mendicant disciples and lay bodhisattvas, and effectively shares his deep enlightenment and kind understanding. The work is characterized by humor, a radical and democratizing aspect, and an inclusive world of spiritually charged reciprocity, which gently levels hierarchies.

The Sutra examines foundational concepts of Buddhist wisdom and omnicompetent compassion; the transformation of the “ordinary mis-knowing body” into a “buddha body”; and reveals the purpose of life—to educate oneself in the delicious fun of freedom through the wisdom of Vimalakirti, a layman, considered a close colleague in teaching by the Buddha himself.This first class is Free, and the subsequent 7 or 11 in the Saturday night series, starting

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