Flowing Through the Knots – Ep 26

All of us have knots in our energetic system from our conditioning and emotional trauma that need to be uncoiled through spiritual practice. However, if we try to pierce them or muscle our way through them, they just get tighter. In this episode, Professor Thurman, Richard Freeman, and John Campbell discuss how to flow through the knots, based on teachings from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Buddhist science.

This episode was recorded at the annual summer lecture series called “Buddha & the Yogis: The Vajra Body” given by Robert Thurman, Richard Freeman and John Campbell at Menla Mountain Retreat in July 2013.

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The Buddha & the Yogis 9
David Swenson, John Campbell, & Robert Thurman
July 26 – August 2, 2015

Please contact Menla at 845-688-6897 ext 7507 for more information or visit http://menla.org/programs.php?sub=menla_383

Yoga, Indias magnificent spiritual inheritance, developed as a therapeutic impulse to resolve the dissatisfactory nature of embodied existence for oneself and others.  It was especially among the esoteric traditions of Buddhism and Hinduism that, based on exalted insights of nonduality, the most powerful means for liberating the ordinary body-mind complex from ego-centric ignorance were realized.

The Buddha and the Yogis workshop brings together three contemporary yoga and meditation masters to serve as guides for participants to explore, intellectually and experientially, some of the texts and practices from the yogic technologies associated with Tantric Mahayana Buddhism and Vedantic Hinduism, in the pristine retreat setting of Menla, Land of the Medicine Buddha.

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