Real Love: Buddhism & Meditation with Sharon Salzberg – Ep. 116

In this podcast Professor Thurman & Sharon Salzberg explore the traditional Buddhist understanding of love and detail the Loving Kindness meditation practices developed by the historical Buddha.  Using personal stories & those from the Buddhist tradition this two long time friends provide a series of practical practices that help develop love as an ability.

This is an excerpt from the Tibet House US Member Archive’s Annual New Year’s “Real Love Meditation & Yoga Retreat” with Robert AF Thurman & Sharon Salzberg recorded on January 1st, 2016 at Menla in Phoenicia, New York. To listen & watch more content from this & other past programs please consider becoming a Tibet House US member.

Join Robert Thurman, Sharon Salzberg & Krishna Das in 2017 for their ‘Real Love: Bhakti & Buddhist Practice for the Heart‘ Retreat. To learn more please visit:

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