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Creativity: Re-creating the World of Suffering as the World of Bliss – Ep 74

In this podcast Professor Thurman explains three steps to re-create the world of suffering as the world of bliss: The first step is seeing true selflessness or emptiness — the negational freedom from all fixation to non-relative structures or non-relative core that we assume things and ourselves have. By following this insight deeply through the… Read more »

Bliss is Legal – Ep 27

In this episode, Professor Thurman points out the unspoken rule in our culture that it isn’t OK to be happy for no apparent reason. He explains that in fact, reality is bliss and joyfulness. When we understand the nature of reality, it makes perfect sense to be happy. We just don’t experience our life that… Read more »

The Uncreated Mind : Buddhist Inner Sciences – Ep. 20

In this lecture, Professor Thurman explains the concept of nonduality, and that emptiness doesn’t mean we don’t have a mind. Emptiness means we have an uncreated mind—it has always been there and it can never be destroyed. What this means is that we’re already in nirvana, we’ve always been in nirvana, and we can’t leave… Read more »

The Truth of Bliss: No Genesis Nor Final Destination – Ep. 3

In this podcast Professor Thurman discusses the Buddhist Twelve Links of Relativistic Origination it’s perspectives on Bliss, Causation, Theism, Kingship, Ignorance, Emptiness & nirvana. Includes an introduction to David B. Gray’s Translation of “The Cakrasamvara Tantra (The Discourse of Sri Heruka) Śrīherukābhidhāna: A Study and Annotated Translation” Published by American Institute of Buddhist Studies, dialog… Read more »

The Jewel Tree of Tibet

Few teachers in the West possess both the spiritual training and the scholarship to lead us along the path to enlightenment. Robert Thurman is one such teacher. Now, in his first experiential course on the essentials of Tibetan Buddhism, adapted and expanded from a popular retreat he led, Thurman — the first Westerner ordained by… Read more »

Infinite Life

Infinite Life demonstrates that our every action has infinite consequences for ourselves and others, here and now and after we are gone. He introduces the Seven Paths to reconstructing body and mind carefully in order to reduce the negative consequences and cultivate the positive. In his powerful, pragmatic style, Thurman delivers life-changing lessons on virtues… Read more »