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Stress Relief for Buddhists – Ep 107

In this podcast Professor Thurman leads a reading of the early Pali Suttas known as the Digha Nikaya or The Long Discourses of the Buddha on the four foundations of Mindfulness. Includes a guided meditation using the Buddha’s instructions to bhikkhus & bhikkhunis. Recorded at the 2009 Tibet House US weekend retreat “Stress” with Sharon… Read more and listen »

Bare Awareness – Ep 79

In this podcast professor Thurman introduces great Buddhist masters Vasubandhu and Dignaga. Vasubandhu was a brother of the famous Asangha, who met with the future Buddha Maitreya. Vasubandhu wrote a famous work of the Abhidharmakosha (The Treasury of the Clear Science), which is the third of the “three baskets” of the Buddhist teachings (vinaya, sutra… Read more and listen »