Tag: "Infinite Life"

Managing Misery : A.A. and The Heart Sutra – Ep. 173

Dr. Mark Epstein M.D. and Robert A.F. Thurman, in this two part podcast discuss the Buddhist & Alcoholics Anonymous perspectives on addiction, depression, and recovery using the teachings of Shantideva and Winnicott to highlight common strategies and illustrate how the two can help one change one’s relationship to any source of suffering, internal or external…. Read more »

Bliss Suspicion & The Three Types of Justice – Ep. 157

Contrasting our modern materialistic terminal lifestyle which denies the interconnection of sensitive beings + the possibility of past + future lives with that of the Infinite Lifestyle as taught by the Buddha Professor Thurman re-frames the traditional translations of key terms found in Shantideva and in describing nirvana as bliss. Opening this two part podcast… Read more »

Buddhas Never Leave : Tulkus, 3 Bodies & Reincarnation – Ep. 139

Using Thomas Cleary’s translation of the “Flower Ornament Scripture: The Avatamsaka Sutra”  & Wilhelm Reich’s “The Function of the Orgasm: Discovery of the Orgone” Professor Thurman discusses the place of reincarnated Tibetan Tulkus within the Buddha’s teaching of the Three Bodies. “Being a Buddha is the juiciest experience possible. Robert AF Thurman Defining Buddha-hood as… Read more »

Shantideva: Justice & Generosity Transcendences – Ep. 136

In this podcast Professor Thurman discusses the modern relevance of the Buddha’s Enlightenment, the key place of wisdom in choosing meditation practices and the centrality of understanding emptiness as the logical gateway to selflessness, compassion & generosity. Using The Padmakara Group’s Translation of Shantideva’s ‘Way of the Bodhisattva‘ Fourth & Fifth Chapters on Generosity and… Read more »

Cool & Inner Revolutions : Buddhism 101 – Ep. 121

The Buddha’s core teachings call for a series of revolutions in the individual’s perspective which then affect the surrounding community, culture & society in what Professor Thurman defines as a cool revolution. This podcast explores the themes of awakening consciousness, spiritual activism, transformative medicine of Buddha, facing wide ranging crises in our human condition today… Read more »

Six Session Yoga & Kalachakra – Ep 100

Professor Thurman guides a close reading of the ‘Six Session Guru Yoga’ it’s commitments for initiates of the Yoga and Highest Yoga tantras, explaining the bodhisattva and tantric vows taken when practicing the Kalachakra and concludes with an overview of the teachings for those with a general interest in Mahayana and esoteric practice. Recorded in… Read more »

The Buddha’s Path Summarized – Ep 94

In this episode Professor Thurman examines the twelve verse summary of the Buddhist path as found the 12th Century “Essence of Eloquence” transcribed to Jey Tsongkapa by Manjushri in 1396-1397. Using personal stories & tales from the life of the Buddha Professor Thurman elucidates the liberty & opportunity afforded during one’s life.  Includes a short… Read more »

Realistic & Unrealistic Actions – Ep 88

Different actions bring about different results. Depending on these results, actions may be called skillful or unskillful, right or wrong, realistic or unrealistic. Positive types of actions (physical, verbal or mental) may be called realistic because they improve the quality of one’s life. They also happen to improve the quality of lives of others. In… Read more »

Ten Skillful Actions to Better Your Life – Ep 82

In this podcast Professor Thurman explains how we can apply the tenfold path of positive/skillful evolutionary actions to shape our lives in a positive direction and improve our evolutionary conditions. This tenfold path is comprised of three physical skills, four verbal skills and three mental skills. In Dalai Lama’s book Beyond Religion: Ethics for a… Read more »

“No Eye, No Ear, No Nose” – Ep 76

In this podcast Professor Thurman teaches the meaning of the cornerstone Buddhist concept of “emptiness.” Many people confuse it with the idea of nothingness; Professor Thurman points out, and continues: experientially, emptiness means that everything is there, but it is there with a mirror image reflection-like or an illusion-like quality. The realization of emptiness means that your… Read more »