Tag: "Inner Revolution"

Buddhism is Political : Climate Crisis – Podcast Bonus

A special message from Professor Thurman on the historical role of active political engagement in Buddha’s life and how Buddhism is political and always has been. Continuing his call to action for a Democratic Party “Dream Team” in 2020 and for a “Bright Money” campaign based on the wisdom of interdependence, the practice of compassionate… Read more and listen »

Vimalakīrti’s Verses on Cool Heroes + Cool Heroism – Ep. 184

Using the Goddess Chapter of the “The Holy Teaching of Vimalakīrti’” and his classic “Inner Revolution: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Real Happiness” Robert A.F. Thurman in this two part podcast illuminates his theory of cool heroism and the cool heroes that live the revolutionary wisdom of Buddhism daily. Professor Thurman opens the first… Read more and listen »

Bias, Racism + Buddhism – Ep. 176

Reincarnation as Buddha taught it to his community of mendicants suggests that everyone has at some time or another been born in every conceivable species, race, gender, or class. Professor Thurman opens this two part podcast discussing the Buddhist perspective on reincarnation and how the on rigid barriers such, caste, race, sex or class tend… Read more and listen »

Principles of the Path : On + Off The Yoga Mat – Ep. 174

In this two part podcast Robert A.F. Thurman gives an unique presentation of “Three Principles of the Path” to the annual “Buddha and The Yogis” gathering of yoga practitioners held at Menla Retreat and Dewa Spa in Phoenicia, New York. Professor Thurman elucidates in clear and readily accessible terms to those unfamiliar with Buddhism the… Read more and listen »

Cool Heroism in the Age of Americus Trumpus – Ep. 153

The Call for Cool Heroism. It’s vanguard of grandmothers, wives, mothers, sisters & daughters  are a modern day embodiment of the Buddha’s revolutionary, non-violent teachings of radical personal and social activism. In this two part podcast Robert A.F. Thurman gives an explanation of his concept of Inner Cool Revolutions, it’s relationship to Buddhist Education, Meditation,… Read more and listen »

My Early Years: From Red Robes to Grey Robes – Ep. 149

Answering questions about his early days Robert Thurman discusses his intellectual influences, his life long passion for Philosophy, the mendicant traditions his was drawn to and some of the life lessons learned from his three teachers: Geshe Ngawang Wangyal, Tenzin Gyatso the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet & his wife Nena Thurman. Includes a discussion… Read more and listen »

Accelerating Evolution with Kindness: Redefining Retreats – Ep. 125

Recorded on July 4th Independence Day Robert Thurman discusses the history of the American Holiday, Spiritual Evolution, Constitutional Monarchies, Mass incarceration, Thomas Jefferson’s Second Inaugural Address, Summer & the tradition of going on retreat within Buddhism. In this podcast Professor Thurman calls on the listener to re-examine the concept of a spiritual retreat by understanding… Read more and listen »

Buddhist Inner Sciences 101: Chakras – Ep. 123

In this podcast Professor Thurman & Richard Freeman discuss interdependence, the need for compassion for self & others before detailing the subtle energetic system of the nervous system known in the yoga tradition as the chakras. Using references to ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens‘ Maz Kantana, The Kalachakra Tantra, Wilhelm Reich & Freud’s Primal Scene Professor… Read more and listen »

American Buddhism: Buddhism without Buddhism – Ep. 117

Examining the form Buddhist traditions have taken in America in terms of the Eight Fold Path & the services they provide Professor Thurman suggests American Buddhism can be best defined as a Buddhism without Buddhism. Recorded at the Awakened Leadership Conference hosted by the Frederick P. Lenz Foundation in 2009. To learn more about their work… Read more and listen »

Tantric Art & Tibetan Buddhism – Ep 113

The imagery of Tibetan tantric symbolism is potent and often shocking to those unfamiliar with the meanings of Buddhist art. In this podcast Professor Thurman explores how art is used in Buddhist Cultures as a way to stimulate the mind to develop the imagination needed to conceive of enlightenment & Buddhahood. Using selections from the… Read more and listen »