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Kalachakra Study 2017 – Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

Professor Thurman opens this archive recording from Menla’s Kalachakra Study Intensive retreat with a group recitation of the Heart Sutra and a teaching on how the classic text can be used as a roadmap for advanced Buddhist practices and for personal transformation. Robert A.F. Thurman addresses questions from retreat participants about: Fire Puja Ceremonies, Dream… Read more »

Dakini & The Spa of Initiation – Ep. 154

The Fantastical Beings and creatures contained within Buddhist Symbolism provide a rich tapestry upon which it’s teachings of Wisdom + Compassion create the foundation of inner + outer transformation. In this two part podcast Professor Thurman leads exploration of the language found in the Kalachakra initiation and practice sadhanas– using his close translation as a… Read more »

Saka Dawa & The Kalachakra Tantra – Ep. 122

Saka Dawa, named for the star prominent during the fourth month in the Tibetan calendar, like the Theravadin observance of Vesak is considered the most sacred month in which the Buddha displayed the deeds of birth, enlightenment & Parinirvana. In this Podcast Professor Thurman gives an overview of the Buddhist holiday, a detailed accounting of… Read more »

Buddha Nature Revealed: Loving Activism – Ep. 119

In this podcast Professor Thurman discusses how Buddha Nature can be understood as being a form of Loving Activism found through the realization of Emptiness. Includes a reading from the introduction to the AIBS Publication “Sublime Continuum Treatise Commentary” by Bo Jiang. Emptiness, or selflessness, is a foundation in all forms of Buddhist thought &… Read more »

Six Session Yoga & Kalachakra – Ep 100

Professor Thurman guides a close reading of the ‘Six Session Guru Yoga’ it’s commitments for initiates of the Yoga and Highest Yoga tantras, explaining the bodhisattva and tantric vows taken when practicing the Kalachakra and concludes with an overview of the teachings for those with a general interest in Mahayana and esoteric practice. Recorded in… Read more »

Exploring The Kalachakra – Ep. 99

The Kalachakra Tantra or “The Wheel of Time” teachings as preserved within the Tibetan Buddhist Vajrayana tradition are considered some of the most esoteric & significant series of initiations transmitted by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. In this podcast Professor Thurman gives an introduction to the twelve days of the Kalachakra initiation providing the… Read more »