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Climate Change : Mother Earth in Crisis – Podcast Bonus

In this extended podcast bonus Professor Thurman discusses the current global political crisis facing all citizens as the effects of climate change are becoming more and more pronounced in their daily lives. Continuing his call to action for a Democratic Party “Dream Team” in 2020 and discussion on the connections between Buddhism, Democracy and the… Read more and listen »

American Independence Day : Dream Team 2020 – Podcast Bonus

A special American Independence Day teaching on the connections between Buddhism and Democracy and a call to action for a Democratic Party Dream Team by Robert A.F. Thurman. American Independence Day : Dream Team 2020 – Podcast Bonus of the Bob Thurman Podcast Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash. To listen to more archive recordings… Read more and listen »

Buddha’s Advice on Love and Marriage – Ep. 208

In this two part podcast, Professor Thurman discusses the Buddha’s advice on love and marriage and the Buddhist perspective on love, generosity and compassionate relationships. Defining love in Sanskrit, Pali and Tibetan, Robert A.F. Thurman leads an in-depth exploration of it’s central role in the Buddha’s teachings, it’s relationship to compassion, empathy, philosophy and the… Read more and listen »

Dharma and Yoga : Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

In this extended archive recording from the Annual New Year’s Tibet House US Dharma and Yoga Retreat held at Menla Retreat Professor Thurman, Sharon Salzberg, Carolyn Christie, Brooke Myers and Paul Bloom lead a discussion with retreat participants on how the daily practice of Buddhist Dharma and all Yoga traditions can transform one’s life. Opening… Read more and listen »

Menla & Buddha’s Eight Fold Path – Ep. 193

Robert A.F. Thurman is joined by Sharon Salzberg from the Annual New Year’s Tibet House US Dharma and Yoga Retreat held at Menla Retreat and Dewa Spa in Phoenicia, New York for a special teaching on the Buddha’s Eight Fold Path. Opening with a dedication to Sharon Salzberg for her selfless history of teaching, on… Read more and listen »

Buddhism for Artists : Behind the Buddha’s Smile – Ep. 186

Opening this two part podcast detailing the Buddhist concept of Dharma, Robert Thurman introduces the Ten Paramitas through a discussion of art, creativity, stories from the Dalai Lama’s dialogs with Western creatives and depictions of the Buddha’s smile. Podcast includes: an in-depth exploration of the artfulness of the Seventh Paramita: Upāya (Skillful Means or Liberative… Read more and listen »

Buddhism 101: Creative + Humorous Rudeness – Ep. 160

Joined by Foundation for the Sacred Stream’s Isa Gucciardi Ph.D. Robert AF Thurman in this podcast discusses the power of creative and humorous rudeness as taught by Shantideva, Tibet’s Dalai Lama and by his beloved teacher: wife of fifty years Nena von Schlebrügge. This two part podcast begins with Professor Thurman recounting personal stories from… Read more and listen »

Real Love: Buddhism & Meditation with Sharon Salzberg – Ep. 116

In this podcast Professor Thurman & Sharon Salzberg explore the traditional Buddhist understanding of love and detail the Loving Kindness meditation practices developed by the historical Buddha. Using personal stories & those from the Buddhist tradition this two long time friends provide a series of practical practices that help develop love as an ability. Excerpted… Read more and listen »

Pilgrimage: Inner and Outer Pilgrimages – Ep. 114

In this dialog with Don George Professor Robert AF Thurman discusses the psychological & spiritual value of performing pilgrimages both in the modern day as well as in the life of Prince Siddhartha and his original group of followers. Podcast includes dialog with Don George and a short guided meditation for those performing pilgrimages to… Read more and listen »

Stress Relief for Buddhists – Ep 107

In this podcast Professor Thurman leads a reading of the early Pali Suttas known as the Digha Nikaya or The Long Discourses of the Buddha on the four foundations of Mindfulness. Includes a guided meditation using the Buddha’s instructions to bhikkhus & bhikkhunis. Recorded at the 2009 Tibet House US weekend retreat “Stress” with Sharon… Read more and listen »