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Lucid Waking & Mindfulness Practices – Ep. 198

In this two part podcast recorded for Losar (Tibetan New Year) Professor Thurman discusses the practices of mindfulness and lucid waking as taught by Buddha and passed down through the Buddhist cultures of Tibet, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Japan. Opening this episode with a joyous introduction to the Tibetan New Year tradition of Losar, Robert… Read more »

How to Make a Buddha – Ep. 197

Using the study and practice of the Kalachakra from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition as a road map, Robert A.F. Thurman gives a teaching on the need to combine wisdom with meditation to develop in any spiritual path. Opening with a re-telling of the story of Pai Chang & Huang Po in which the Chan master and… Read more »

Drawing The Rabbit in The Moon : Jataka Tales – Ep. 187

Exploring rebirth and reincarnation using the colorful Jataka Tales from the Buddha’s past lives Professor Thurman in this two part podcast provides listeners with an overview of the evolution of the notions of Karma, Dharma and community through history. Opening with a discussion of the work of sociologist Talcott Parsons, Robert A.F. Thurman illustrates how the… Read more »

Compassionate Bliss of the Artist – Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

In this archive recording from the Artist and Buddhist Contemplatives Project gathering held at Garrison Institute Professor Thurman and Meredith Monk discuss the role of art in Buddhism and the inspiring bliss of the artist. Detailing the Buddhist concept of Dharma, Robert Thurman introduces the Ten Paramitas through a discussion of art, creativity, stories from… Read more »

Tsongkhapa’s Profound and Miraculous Wisdom – Ep. 177

Studying the teachings of Zongkapa Lobsang Zhaba (Tsongkhapa) has been at the heart of Robert A.F. Thurman’s personal translation work and professional teaching career . In this two part podcast Professor Thurman discusses the new edition of “The Life and Teachings of Tsongkhapa” by Wisdom Publications and leads a guided mindfulness meditation. Opening this week’s podcast… Read more »

Body as Holy Grail : Yoga, Breath + Imagination – Ep. 175

In this two part podcast Professor Thurman is joined by Richard Freeman, John Campbell + Mary Taylor for a discussion of the connections between the Buddhist Inner Sciences + the Vedic Yoga Traditions and how the two streams of self-transformation when practiced together can positively affect our relationships, communities and the wider world in unexpected… Read more »

Remembering Those Who Struggle – Ep. 172

In this two part podcast Robert A.F. Thurman takes some time to bring his students, friends and podcast subscribers up to date on his recent activities, the on going work of Tibet House US, Menla Retreat and Dewa Spa and shares ways each of us can begin to return the kindness of His Holiness the… Read more »

Buddhist Advice for Kings, Rulers + Oligarchs – Ep. 171

The Buddha is said to have given 84,000 distinct teachings to groups, individuals and super beings such as gods, demons and the spirits of those lost between the bardos of life, death and dreaming during his 45 years of teaching  In this week’s podcast Robert A.F. Thurman leads a close translation of The Jewel Rosary… Read more »

Medicine Buddha: Raising The Banner of Victory – Ep. 170

In this two part podcast Professor Thurman discusses the Galenic, Chinese, and Ayurvedic methodologies found in Traditional Himalayan Medicine or Sowa Rigpa’s “Science of Healing” detailing the powerful diagnostic tools of urine analysis, pulse reading and dialog between doctor and patient which have proven to prevent illness, cure illness, extend life, and cultivate happiness. Using… Read more »

Dewa, Emptiness + The Buddha’s Inspiration – Ep. 165

Recorded on Earth Day 2018 Professor Thurman opens this two part podcast with an invitation to the Dewa Spa at Menla Retreat providing a translation of the word dewa, a history of the Tibet House US property in Phoenicia, New York and a teaching on his personal inspiration found in the life and wisdom of… Read more »