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Dewa, Emptiness + The Buddha’s Inspiration – Ep. 165

Recorded on Earth Day 2018 Professor Thurman opens this two part podcast with an invitation to the Dewa Spa at Menla Retreat providing a translation of the word dewa, a history of the Tibet House US property in Phoenicia, New York and a teaching on his personal inspiration found in the life and wisdom of… Read more »

Pilgrimage : Deepening Wisdom and Compassion – Ep. 162

Teaching from the pilgrimage sites in Bodhgaya Professor Thurman opens this podcast with a discussion of how the Buddha redefined the concept of truth and how modern language about Buddhism is influenced by it’s early translation by scholars attempting to frame it’s philosophy of mind training into Western religious equivalencies. Guiding a close reading of… Read more »

Mandala Building + Mantra Practice : Buddhism 101 – Ep. 152

The Mandala is central to the visual language of Tibetan Buddhist culture and to the rich meditative traditions as taught by its Dalai Lamas, Yogis, Monks & Nuns.  In this two part podcast Robert AF Thurman gives an in depth teaching on the building of mandalas (both physically + conceptually) explaining some of the traditional… Read more »

Buddhist History 101: Dalai Lama Son of Nālandā & Indian Culture – Ep. 140

In this podcast Robert AF Thurman discusses the history of Nālandā & why the Dalai Lama of Tibet identifies Tibetan Buddhism as well as himself as heirs to the university whose ruins are located in modern-day Bihar, India. Founded under the patronage of the Gupta King Chandragupta II Vikramāditya in the 5th Century then Destroyed… Read more »

Force For Good: Mantra with Krishna Das – Ep. 134

In this special podcast Professor Thurman is joined by Krishna Das, long time friend & co-teacher for an intimate dialog covering their shared histories, meeting their teachers, non-dualism, love and the interplay between Hinduism & Buddhism. Includes humorous stories by Krishna Das + Bob Thurman about Khunu Lama, Kalu Rinpoche, the 16th Karmapa, the Dalai… Read more »

Buddhism 101: Tara Meditation with Isa Gucciardi – Ep. 133

In this podcast Professor Thurman is joined by Foundation of the Sacred Stream’s Isa Gucciardi Ph.D. in exploring the symbolism used in traditional Buddhist Tara visualizations & in shamanistic practices. Includes a discussion of the use of sound, light, movement & dreams in rituals, an explanation of the practice of working with the unconscious and… Read more »

American Buddhism : Understanding Labor Day – Ep. 132

Using Marilyn Waring’s book The Labor of Women: Counting For Nothing as a starting point, in this podcast Professor Thurman discusses the history of Labor Day, the need for a deeper appreciation of the role of women in society and how Feminists and their supporters can support the on-going efforts begun at the Washington DC Women’s… Read more »

Danny Fisher Shambhala SunSpace Interview

Rev. Danny Fisher, M.Div., D.B.S. (Cand.), is a professor and Coordinator of the Buddhist Chaplaincy Program at University of the West. Prior to his appointment at UWest, he served on the adjunct faculty for Antioch Education Abroad’s Buddhist Studies in India program. He earned his bachelor’s degree in Religion from Denison University and Master of Divinity from… Read more »