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Takes One To Know One: Atheists, Buddhas & Nāgārjuna – Ep. 145

Robert Thurman opens this two part podcast by comparing and contrasting expressions of nonduality and nirvana in Buddhist & Vedantist philosophies. Describing the modern consensus reality that assures individuals of their lack of post-death soul-continuation though secular educational indoctrination, Professor Thurman explains the need to explore the usefulness of the Buddhist teaching of emptiness in… Read more and listen »

Force For Good: Sci-Fi & The Vimalakīrti Sūtra – Ep. 129

In this podcast Professor Robert AF Thurman discusses the classic British Sci-Fi Series ‘Dr. Who’ drawing parallels to the Buddhist text ‘The Vimalakirti Sutra’. Includes an in depth exploration of the Buddhist perspective of selflessness & non-dualism. This talk was recorded during the 2016 Force For Good Class #6 at Tibet House US in New… Read more and listen »