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Vimalakīrti’s Verses : Illusion-like Samadhi – Ep. 71

In this podcast Professor Thurman explores different stages of Buddhist meditation. When the ‘space-like equipoise samadhi’ disappears, what is there [left]? – Professor Thurman asks the audience and proceeds to answer: everything that was there before is there. But the meditator now sees appearances with the realization that they are like a reflection of the… Read more »

The Danger of “Just Meditate!” – Ep. 19

Professor Thurman discusses the potential dangers of cultivating an empty mind without also developing proper understanding of what emptiness is. Just meditating with our default understanding of reality can temporarily dampen our worries, but it won’t completely overcome them. The danger is that we’ll think we’re already enlightened, and lose the motivation to completely transform… Read more »