Tag: "The Holy Teaching of Vimalakīrti"

Vimalakīrti’s Verses : Deconstructing the Self – Ep. 30

In this episode, Professor Thurman explains how to use analysis to realize non-duality. Deconstructing our habitual understanding of body, mind- everything you think of as solid and real dissolves under this analysis, and brings you into a state of samadhi. This is a powerful practice for deeply understanding the nature of things as they are…. Read more and listen »

Meeting Vimalakīrti : Buddhism 101 – Ep. 29

In this episode, Professor Thurman reads the first chapter of Vimalakirti, which he translated and has been teaching for nearly forty years. Thurman illuminates the meaning of the text, the historical context, and the various possible translations of important words and concepts that elucidate the Mahayana teaching. Meeting Vimalakīrti- Episode Twenty Nine of the Bob… Read more and listen »