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Mindfulness + Developing the Mind of the Bodhisattva Meditations – Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

This podcast extra includes an extended basic mindfulness practice instruction and a guided “Developing the Spirit of Enlightenment or the Mind of The Bodhisattva” meditation. Guided Mindfulness Meditation Professor Thurman leads a traditional Buddhist mindfulness meditation using the breath and mantra as one’s focus along with basic instruction of one’s physical posture during practice sessions… Read more »

Pilgrimage: Psychosis, Mosquitoes + Compassion – Ep. 163

Guiding a meditation and a traditional Dharma teaching from “the happiest place on earth” Professor Thurman begins this two part podcast discussing the Buddha’s insight into the psychosis at the heart the suffering of individuals, groups and in society as a whole. Recounting the Dalai Lama‘s teaching on his personal experiences with the ethics of… Read more »

Takes One To Know One: Atheists, Buddhas & Nāgārjuna – Ep. 145

Robert Thurman opens this two part podcast by comparing and contrasting expressions of nonduality and nirvana in Buddhist & Vedantist philosophies. Describing the modern consensus reality that assures individuals of their lack of post-death soul-continuation though secular educational indoctrination, Professor Thurman explains the need to explore the usefulness of the Buddhist teaching of emptiness in… Read more »

Buddhist History 101: Three Vehicles & Buddha’s Early Life – Ep. 137

Opening this podcast Professor Thurman lays out the history of the Three Vehicles of Buddhism comparing + contrasting the Individual (Hinayana), Universal (Mahayana), & Vajra vehicles or traditions, tracing their origins, spread across Asia & modern manifestations. Podcast concludes with a detailed telling of the Buddha’s birth, early life & process of enlightenment from various… Read more »

Buddhist Inner Sciences 101: Buddha as Scientist – Ep. 135

In this podcast Professor Thurman discusses the historical Buddha as an Inner Scientist applying the scientific method of inquiry in his exploration of inner & outer realities of the self and the world. Includes a guided selflessness meditation, an explanation of the concept of voidness and an in depth introduction to the Buddhist Inner Sciences…. Read more »

Emptiness is not Nothingness – Ep 89

In this podcast Professor Thurman explains that Buddhism is not only a religion, but it is even more a science and a philosophy. He uses as an example the Buddhist concept of “emptiness” and draws parallels with discoveries of quantum physics. He then explains that emptiness should not be confused with the nihilistic concept of “nothingness.” This… Read more »

Emptiness Means Relativity – Ep 84

In this episode Professor Thurman explains that a Buddhist concept of “emptiness” or “voidness” doesn’t mean a “no state” apart from everything, or “nothingness”. Emptiness means that everything is empty of any non-relational isolated component. Emptiness is relativity, and we are totally interconnected (mentally and physically) beings. This podcast was recorded on July 1, 2015… Read more »

The Enlightenment of the Buddha – Ep 77

In this podcast Professor Thurman reads a description of Buddha’s Enlightenment from his translations found in “The Jewel Tree of Tibet” providing historical & meditative context. Professor Thurman goes on to consider why we do not remember our previous lives, discusses the meaning of nirvana and explains the concept of Samantabhadra. “The Buddha was in… Read more »

Creativity: Re-creating the World of Suffering as the World of Bliss – Ep 74

In this podcast Professor Thurman explains three steps to re-create the world of suffering as the world of bliss: The first step is seeing true selflessness or emptiness — the negational freedom from all fixation to non-relative structures or non-relative core that we assume things and ourselves have. By following this insight deeply through the… Read more »

The Heart Sutra, Part 1 – Ep 31

The Heart Sutra is one of the most profound and widely studied texts in the Buddhist canon. In this episode, Professor Thurman reads the Heart Sutra, and explains the meaning as he goes along. This is the first of a two-part episode on the Heart Sutra. This episode was recorded on July 27, 2015 at… Read more »