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Buddhism 101: Six Realms of Existence – Ep. 127

In Buddhism, the most popular mandala is that of the Wheel of Life, a visual representation of the Six Realms of Existence. Traditionally the six realms into which a sentient being can reincarnate in its endless succession of lives. In this podcast Mark Epstein + Professor Thurman detail the Six Realms in Buddhist Cosmology and… Read more »

Reciting the Tibetan Book of the Dead – Ep 96

In this podcast Professor Thurman leads a recitation from his translation of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Book of Natural Liberation Through Understanding in the Between” of the final section for those journeying through the final stages of the Bardo. Recorded at Menla Retreat in Phoenicia, New York, 2009. http://media.blubrry.com/bob_thurman_podcast/p/traffic.libsyn.com/thetimemachine/Bob20Thurman_Reciting20the20Tibetan20Book20of20The20Dead20-20Ep2096.mp3Podcast: Download |… Read more »

Fierce Deities Of Buddhism in The Tibetan Book of the Dead – Ep 95

In this podcast Professor Thurman explores the concept of fierce protector deities used in Buddhist practices found in the traditional “Tibetan Book of The Dead” teachings and end of life meditations. Using his translation of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Book of Natural Liberation Through Understanding in the Between” Professor Thurman provides… Read more »

How Free Are We in Our Choices? – Ep 80

In this podcast Professor Thurman explains how freedom in our choices depends on whether we are living consciously or unconsciously. There is no such thing as “meant to be”, however, each action brings about a particular result. For example, being a victim of circumstances — Professor Thurman continues — can be seen as a result… Read more »

Roadmap for the Bardo – Ep78

In this podcast Professor Thurman teaches how each of us creates causes and conditions throughout our life, and how the consequences of those causes will go with us as our consciousness continues into the journey after death (“bardo”) and finds new embodiments. As long as we are helpless victims of our unconscious, we will be… Read more »

The Tibetan Book of the Dead – What is it about? – Ep 75

In this podcast Professor Thurman talks about the Tibetan Book of the Dead. The Tibetan name of this book — The Bardo Thodol — literally means The Book of Natural Liberation through Understanding in the Between. A being can be liberated in “the between” (the term is often translated as “intermediate state”), the period after… Read more »

Do We Need to Believe in Past & Future Lives to Become Enlightened? – Ep 66

Should we abandon traditional Buddhist views unproven by scientific materialism, labeling them antiquated and irrelevant? What would be the implications of doing so for our study and practice? This episode is an excerpt from the thought-provoking and lively lecture “Past & Future Lives: Is Enlightenment Possible Without Them?” with Robert Thurman, given at Maitripa College in Portland, OR… Read more »

Eight Stages of Dissolution into Death – Ep 63

According to Tibetan Buddhism, when we lose consciousness and faint, or fall asleep, we go through the same eight stages, but we don’t normally notice this process. In this podcast Professor Thurman explains what these stages are, and how they are experienced by us. This episode was recorded on February 28, 2016. http://media.blubrry.com/bob_thurman_podcast/p/traffic.libsyn.com/thetimemachine/Bob_Thurman_Eight_Stages_of_Dissolution_into_Death_-_Ep_63.mp3Podcast: Download |… Read more »

Buddhist Inner Sciences 101: Three Luminosities – Ep 55

In this episode Professor Thurman talks about a coarse, subtle and super subtle body-mind. He then explains the Tibetan Buddhist concept of “three luminosities”: the states of consciousness, which can be experienced either after death, or during sleep. He compares the infinite energy of the clear-light space in our mind with the zero-quantum vacuum energy field. Excerpted… Read more »

Saints & Miracles – Ep 48

Enjoy the podcast, in which Professor Thurman shares the stories of great sinners transforming into great saints, of workability of the human mind and preciousness of human life. The miracle stories will go well with your celebratory New Year dinner! This episode was recorded on November 24, 2015 in a class taught by Professor Thurman…. Read more »