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Buddhism’s Cool Heroes : Women – Ep. 118

Engaging the wit, wisdom & practical solutions offered by the Buddhist concept of fierce compassion Robert AF Thurman’s special Mother’s Day podcast is an exploration of cool revolutions & the cool heroes found in every home: women. Citing The Guardian’s Carole Cadwalladr research into Oligarchs, the Brexit Vote & the rise of President Donald Trump… Read more and listen »

Buddhism 101: Defining Enlightenment – Ep 101

The discovery of the historical Buddha not only posited the nature of reality but put forth a systematic method for individuals & society to transform themselves through enlightenment. In this podcast Professor Thurman introduces & elaborates the idea of enlightenment using Tibetan History as a lens. This podcast is apart of the ‘Buddhism 101’ Series… Read more and listen »

Buddha’s Reputation of Suffering – Ep 93

In this podcast Professor Thurman examines the historical Buddha’s exploration of the nature of reality & dispels the common misunderstanding of his core discovery. Includes a detailed explanation of the Buddhist & Hindu concepts of causality & how they relate to everyday life. This episode is an excerpt from the lecture given during the “Wisdom of… Read more and listen »

Tibetan Buddhism Is Not Really Tibetan – Ep 91

Conventional terms for different types of Buddhism (Japanese, Chinese, American, etc) seem to imply that Buddhism was made in these countries, and that it is a product of Japan or other places. But even “Indian Buddhism” — Professor Thurman explains — is a wrong term, because in Buddha’s time there was no India. . …. Read more and listen »