Man Of Peace Mindrolling Podcast Interview with Raghu Markus + Robert Thurman on The Be Here Network

It is easy for anger to emerge when we begin to move our attention to social action, especially so in today’s political climate. In this podcast Robert talks about how practicing loving activism and fierce compassion changes the way we respond to social injustice. So, what are the things we need to do to catch ourselves in moments of reactivity? Robert shares practices that move us into the spacious place within ourselves where equanimity lies. Raghu and Robert emphasize the importance, along with our mindfulness practice, of embracing the feminine in all things.

“His Holiness and I became more like discussion partners, than him teaching me overtly.” – Robert Thurman

After recounting a few of their auspicious connections with each other, Raghu Markus discusses Robert’s work on Man of Peace: The Illustrated Life Story of the Dalai Lama of Tibet and the recent NY Times article, 50 Years of Marriage and Mindfulness, written about Robert and his wife Nena.

Mindrolling the Podcast, featuring David Silver & Raghu Markus, is about coming unstuck from mental slavery, it is about the intersection of culture and consciousness and realization.

Mindrolling the word happens to be a Tibetan monastery tradition, the home of “the garden of ripening and liberation.” For Raghu Markus, it is a rock and rolling conversation remembering the sixties, digesting the seventies, paralleling then and now, right now, in the growing teens of the 21st century.

This podcast “rolls” the frantic monkey mind, mugs the complacent mental head. The moving power of music is one of the main tools of the show, transformation is the common denominator. Actual direct experiences is the core of the Mindrollers, some of which are enlightening, some of which were intensely frightening – what turns up here is a Mindroll of the karmic and cosmic dice, but we dare to promise honesty and guarantee high comedy along with the more high falutin’ content…

Raghu Markus has been involved in music and transformational media since the early 1970s when he was program director of CKGM-FM in Montreal. In 1974 he collaborated with Ram Dass on the box set Love Serve Remember & In 1990 he launched Triloka Records and Karuna Music in Los Angeles, California. He is currently the Executive Director of the Love Serve Remember Foundation and has been an associate producer for on-line and television events for Ram Dass and Oprah Winfrey as well as Eckhart Tolle.

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