Bob Thurman Podcast Debut : My Early Years – Ep. 1

In the debut episode of the Bob Thurman Podcast Professor Thurman talks about his formative years & his own introduction to Buddhism. Includes personal stories about meeting Geshe Ngawang Wangyal  a Kalmyk-Mongolian lama at his Tibetan Buddhist Learning Center Labsum Shedrub Ling in Central New Jersey in the 1960’s.

Geshe Ngawang Wangyal at Columbia University PodcastRecorded at the 2014 Translation & Transmission Conference hosted by the Tsadra Foundation in Keystone, Colorado.

In 2014 Tsadra Foundation launched a series of large-scale conferences in order to provide an international forum for sustained dialogue and the sharing of ideas and experiences for translators of Tibetan texts, as well as for collective reflection on the larger cultural and societal dimensions of the transmission of Tibetan Buddhism to the contemporary sphere.

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