Buddhism 101: Buddhist Belief in Past & Future Life – Ep. 2

In this podcast Professor Thurman examines the modern scientific perspective on reincarnation (the Buddhist Belief in Past & Future Life), the work of Hermann von Helmholtz on the vital principle and their context within Western religious doctrine.

Analyzing the idea of non-existence after death and prior to conception, Robert AF Thurman discusses the requirement to re-calibrate one’s understanding of life in order for the mind training practices of the Buddha to become useful.

Robert Thurman Podcast Buddhist Belief in Past & Future Life Photo by Filip Wolak via FlickrPhoto by Filip Wolak via Flickr.

Recorded in Ladakh during Robert Thurman’s 2014 Kalachakra Trip with GeoEx Adventure Travel & is apart of the ‘Buddhism 101’ Series using classic teachings from Robert Thurman to elucidate basic concepts of the tradition.

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