Buddha + The Yogis (2011) Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

Using the teachings of K. Pattabhi Jois + Geshe Ngawang Wangyal Robert A.F. Thurman and Richard Freeman explore the symbolism and meditation practices centering on the Hindu Brahma, Shiva, and Buddha in the form of Vajradhara.

Podcast includes a discussion of Brahmism, Shaivism, Tantic Buddhism, the Chöd Charnel Ground Practice, Raja Yoga (King Yoga), a re-telling of the story of the Mahasiddha, Luipa The Fish-Gut Eater and how the non-Dualism found in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions erode hierarchies and brought change about change within the rigid caste system of India.

Buddha and the Yogis drawing of Richard Freeman, Robert A.F. Thurman and John Campbell by Marc Rosenthal, All Rights Reserved, 2013.

This recording was originally excerpted as apart of Stunning the Mind with Yoga – Episode #178 of the Bob Thurman Podcast and was recorded at Menla’s Nalanada Conference Center in Phoenicia, New York during the 2011 ‘Buddha & The Yogis’ Retreat with Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor, John Campbell + Robert A.F. Thurman.

This week’s episode’s of the Bob Thurman Podcast was thanks to Richard Freeman + Mary Taylor and was brought to you in part through the support of the Tibet House US Membership Community and Menla Retreat and Dewa Spa in Phoenicia, New York.

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The song ‘Dancing Ling’ + ‘Trance Tibet’ by Tenzin Choegyal from the album ‘Heart Sutra‘ (2004) by Ethno Super Lounge is used on the Bob Thurman Podcast with artist’s permission, all rights reserved.

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