Pilgrimage to the Big Sky Nomadic Grassland of Mongolia with Robert AF Thurman, Brent Olsen, Tibet House US + Geographic Expeditions June 9th – June 22nd, 2018

A vast lonely treasure, Mongolia is among the least densely populated independent countries in the world. We have been under its spell for a long time, dating to the days when it appeared in musty atlases as “Outer Mongolia”. It is with great joy that we reveal this magnificent land – and Dr. Thurman, returning for the fourth time, is keen to share its marvels.

Pilgrimage to the Big Sky Nomadic Grassland of Mongolia Trip with Robert AF Thurman Tibet House US + GeoExOur exploration begins in Mongolia’s cosmopolitan capital, Ulaanbaatar, before we head west to Orkhon Valley National Park. Sometimes referred to as the Valley of the Khans, Orkhon Valley is the cultural heartland of Mongolia. Over the last two thousand years, several world empires have formed out of this vast steppe including the Mongol, Uighur and the Turkish empire. It is also the spot where Buddhism first settled in the country.

We spend eight glorious days at Genghis Khan Riding and Adventure Camp, living in gers beside the Orkhon River. Each morning at camp we have the option to begin with an hour’s yoga practice before we settle to our daily meditation. Our afternoons may include visits to nearby historical sites, hiking in the spectacular hills, mountain biking, traditional archery, river kayaking and horseback riding. Our camp is staffed with a masseuse who provides Ayurvedic treatments and a shaman specializing in traditional Mongolian healing therapies.

Each evening our leaders will provide an itinerary update and schedule for the following day. The sightseeing below may be amended based on any special activities we’re able to arrange. Please remember that patience, a sense of humor and a flexible spirit will go a long way on this momentous journey.

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