Dewa, Emptiness + The Buddha’s Inspiration – Ep. 165

Recorded on Earth Day 2018 Professor Thurman opens this two part podcast with an invitation to the Dewa Spa at Menla Retreat providing a translation of the word dewa, a history of the Tibet House US property in Phoenicia, New York and a teaching on his personal inspiration found in the life and wisdom of the Buddha.

Citing the Buddha’s scientific prediction of the infinite divisibility of matter, the inevitability of causal processes and his development of a theory of biological evolution which includes three genes (the two of the body and another of the super-subtle mind or spirit) as the wellspring of inspiration Robert AF Thurman discusses the importance of Himalayan and Buddhist Medicine found in Tibet in his personal studies, to the mission of the Dalai Lama’s cultural center and to the modern world.

Podcast includes a discussion of the symbolism of the Buddha’s Earth Touching Gesture made under the Bodhi Tree, the story of the Devil Mara, a history of Menla’s Panther Mountain, Wakanda and how Tibetan Medicine is interconnected with Ancient Galenic, Chinese, and Ayurvedic systems of healing.

Second half of podcast is a traditional Dharma teaching on the Buddha’s physics of emptiness and how his understanding of the unconscious more than 2500 years ago can help anyone suffering find an escape from the prison of materialism.

Dewa, Emptiness + The Buddha's Inspiration - Ep. 165Photo of Dalai Lama, Robert Thurman, Thubten Jimpa and the Tibet House US Board in the Menla Retreat Snow Lion Living Room for Dewa, Emptiness + The Buddha’s Inspiration Episode via

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Dewa, Emptiness + The Buddha's Inspiration - Ep. 165

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