The Life and Teachings of Tsong Khapa

Je Tsong Khapa (1357-1419) is revered as one of the most significant Tibetan Buddhist teachers, whose eclectic and analytic studies and meditations in all the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism resulted in the founding of the Gelugpa system of the Tibetan Buddhist heritage.

The Life and Teachings of Tsong Khapa brings together for the first time a number of extremely important and useful works by and on Tsong Khapa, touching on transcendental aspects of Sutra, Tantra and Insight Meditation, including mystic conversations with great Bodhisattvas and deeply spiritual songs in praise of Manjushri and Maitreya etc. The anthology concludes with a number of intensely moving songs in praise of Tsong Khapa and his immeasurable contribution to Tibetan Buddhism by such realised and remarkable Tibetan Buddhist personalities like the Seventh Dalai Lama, Eighth Karmapa, Dulnagpa Palden and Khaydrup Je etc.

Ably translated by a number of Western Buddhist translators in association with Tibetan Buddhist scholars, The Life and Teachings of Tsongkhapa edited by Professor Robert Thurman, fulfills a long standing need of the contemporary Dharma community of both the East and West.