Questioning Buddhism : With Robes or Without – Ep. 166

Studying Buddhism for personal transformation or to further one’s education in an academic setting is a much richer experience when one is able to ask questions directly. In this two part podcast Professor Robert A.F. Thurman responds to a series of questions from his long time friend, translator and  student of Geshe Wangyal Dr. Alexander Berzin.

Podcast includes a discussion of the value of studying Buddhism, the differences between learning in a general or monastic setting and an in-depth examination of the role of the supportive social structures found in Asian countries where Buddhism is practiced as a religion and the challenges Western students encounter.

This Question and Answers podcast concludes with with a discussion of nirvana, emptiness, clear light and the centrality of bliss, happiness and selflessness in the Buddha’s perspective of an infinitely relational universe.

Questioning Buddhism : With Robes and Without Robes - Bob Thurman Podcast Episode #166 Photo by WonderlaneQuestioning Buddhism : With Robes and Without Robes – Bob Thurman Podcast Episode #166 Photo by Wonderlane.

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This podcast is apart of the on going series “Questioning Buddhism” in which Robert Thurman answers questions from those looking to learn more about the Buddha, his teachings and the history of those people, countries and cultures influenced by his ideas.

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