Right Livelihood : Buddha in the Workplace – Ep. 210

In this episode Robert A.F. Thurman explores the third branch of the eight-fold path of Buddhism of “Right Livelihood” illustrating the skillful art of navigating personal, romantic and workplace relationships with wisdom, compassion and joy.

Opening with a discussion of his forthcoming book “Buddhas Have More Fun!” Robert Thurman explains how the Buddha’s fourth Noble Truth known as the Eight-Fold Path should understood as a path with bliss not suffering at it’s heart.

Using the fable of the Father and the Burning House as recounted to Shariputra by the Buddha in the Lotus Sutra, Professor Thurman explores the different types of motivations for spiritual practice and personal development and how they relate to one’s every day encounters with challenging relationships, work places and political situations.

Podcast includes: a recommendation of Gary Goldschneider’s “The Secret Language of Birthdays”, an introduction to the Greater and Lesser Vehicles of Buddhism, a social perspective on the nature of suffering and a discussion of the Four “Nobler” Truths as found in the Buddhist Inner Sciences and throughout all of the Buddha’s teachings.

Second half of this week’s episode is an in-depth examination of the Three Branches of the Eight-Fold Path with a focus on the nature of positive and negative evolutionary actions centered in the interconnected nature of humans and of reality and the “Grand” nature of Mahayana Buddhism.

Podcast concludes with a reading of the poetry and writings of Joy Harjo by Gary Gach.

Right Livelihood : Buddha in the Workplace - Ep. 210 of the Bob Thurman Podcast Photo by Ryan McGuire via www.gratisography.com.

Right Livelihood : Buddha in the Workplace – Ep. 210 of the Bob Thurman Podcast Photo Created with love by Ryan McGuire via www.gratisography.com.

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The song ‘Dancing Ling’ by Tenzin Choegyal from the album ‘Heart Sutra‘ (2004) by Ethno Super Lounge is used on the Bob Thurman Podcast with artist’s permission, all rights reserved.

“Right Livelihood : Buddha in the Workplace – Ep. 210″ of the Bob Thurman Podcast” is apart of the Buddhism 101 series using classic teachings from the archives of Robert AF Thurman to elucidate basic concepts of the tradition.

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