Planetary Treason: Tibet as Global Standing Rock – Ep. 143

Robert A.F. Thurman discusses Standing Rock to highlight the interconnection between Tibet + Indigenous Peoples across the planet and how both the environmental + opioid addiction crisis provide the unique opportunity for them to forge new ties and provide innovative solutions.

Includes a discussion of Sogan Rinpoche and about the melting ice caps + snow throughout the Himalayan Plateau with ways people can support endangered ecosystems + cultures globally.

Podcast concludes with a special expose & call to action for the American + British electorate about the Radical Libertarian special interest groups and individuals behind the election tampering + voter suppression during Brexit & the election of Donald J. Trump.

Using wit, wisdom & compassion Professor Robert Thurman provides a clear explanation of how these Libertarian & Anarchist groups are different from Republican efforts & candidates in their intentions, stated or implied.

Himalayan Plateau As Global Standing Rock with Bob Thurman - Planetary Treason Podcast Image David Breashears, courtesy of GlacierWorks

“Tibet as Global Standing Rock” Thumbnail photo by David Breashears, courtesy of Glacier Works.

“Whether we like it or not, we have been born on this earth as part of one great family. Rich or poor, educated or uneducated belonging to one nation, ideology or another, ultimately each of us just a human being like everyone else.

Of course, this sort of compassion is by nature, peaceful and gentle, but it is also very powerful. It is the true sign of inner strength. We do not need to become religious, nor do we need to believe in an ideology. All that is necessary is for each of us to develop our good human qualities.

We have to treat each major local problem as a global concern from the moment it begins. In the context of our new interdependence, considering the interests of others is clearly the best form of self-interest.

Interdependence, of course, is a fundamental law of nature. Not only myriad forms of life, but the subtlest level of material phenomena, as well, is governed by interdependence.

We need to appreciate this fact of nature far more than we have in the past. Our ignorance of it is directly responsible for many of the problems we face. For instance, tapping the limited resources of our world-particularly those of the developing nations -simply to fuel consumerism, is disastrous. If it continues unchecked, eventually we will all suffer. We must respect the delicate matrix of life and allow it to replenish itself.”

Dalai Lama from


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Podcast Extra

Learn more about the youth at the heart Standing Rock watch this special ABC News Video


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