We Can Make Miraculous Change – A Special Losar Podcast

Astasahasrika_Prajnaparamita_Sravasti_Miracle“We must make miraculous change, and the planet will be better than ever,” – Professor Thurman greets us with this positive message in this special podcast, recorded for the occasion of the Tibetan New Year, Losar. The planet, political systems/structures, society and we personally may experience difficulties and lack of optimism. Nevertheless, he proposes, we should be open to or even insist on miracles. In fact, he continues, they have been happening all along, we just haven’t been paying attention and haven’t noticed. Maybe, some have. These contemplations are followed by the stories about miracles performed by Buddha, known and traditionally celebrated in Tibet at lunar New Year as the Two Weeks of Miracles. He ended by inviting everyone to celebrate the miraculous just for one evening, at THUS’ Carnegie Hall concert on February 22.

This podcast was recorded by Professor Thurman on February 11, 2016  specially for Losar —Tibetan New Year — at his residence in Catskills, Woodstock, NY.


The Holy Teaching of Vimalakīrti

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