Hatha & Vajrayana Yoga : Developing Traditions – Ep. 212

Unwinding the mystery of the ancient traditions of Hatha and Vajrayana Yoga, Professor Thurman gives an engaging history and extends a personal invitation to practitioners of both communities to begin developing the esoteric teachings for future generations of sensitive beings. Robert A.F. Thurman opens this week’s episode with an introduction to Buddhist tantra, tantric Abhidharma… Read more »

Birth, Rebirth and Reincarnation Wishes – Ep. 211

In this special birthday episode Professor Thurman discusses his personal wishes for his 78th birthday and upcoming attendance at the Climate Reality Project training with Al Gore and his close friends and family. Podcast concludes with a reading of Albert Saijo’s poem “Bodhisattva Vows” by Gary Gach. Birth, Rebirth and Reincarnation Wishes Episode 211 of… Read more »

Right Livelihood : Buddha in the Workplace – Ep. 210

In this episode Robert A.F. Thurman explores the third branch of the eight-fold path of Buddhism of “Right Livelihood” illustrating the skillful art of navigating personal, romantic and workplace relationships with wisdom, compassion and joy. Opening with a discussion of his forthcoming book “Buddhas Have More Fun!” Robert Thurman explains how the Buddha’s fourth Noble… Read more »

Why Buddhism Matters : Past, Present and Future – Ep. 209

In this podcast Robert A.F. Thurman addresses why the ancient teachings of Buddha and the yogic inner scientists of India and Tibet still find a central role in the hearts, minds and cultures of the Himalayan Plateau, Central Asia and Mongolia. Opening this week’s episode acknowledging the acts of bravery and solidarity found throughout the… Read more »

Buddhism is Political : Climate Crisis – Podcast Bonus

A special message from Professor Thurman on the historical role of active political engagement in Buddha’s life and how Buddhism is political and always has been. Continuing his call to action for a Democratic Party “Dream Team” in 2020 and for a “Bright Money” campaign based on the wisdom of interdependence, the practice of compassionate… Read more »

Climate Change : Mother Earth in Crisis – Podcast Bonus

In this extended podcast bonus Professor Thurman discusses the current global political crisis facing all citizens as the effects of climate change are becoming more and more pronounced in their daily lives. Continuing his call to action for a Democratic Party “Dream Team” in 2020 and discussion on the connections between Buddhism, Democracy and the… Read more »

American Independence Day : Dream Team 2020 – Podcast Bonus

A special American Independence Day teaching on the connections between Buddhism and Democracy and a call to action for a Democratic Party Dream Team by Robert A.F. Thurman. American Independence Day : Dream Team 2020 – Podcast Bonus of the Bob Thurman Podcast Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash. To listen to more archive recordings… Read more »

Buddha’s Advice on Love and Marriage – Ep. 208

In this two part podcast, Professor Thurman discusses the Buddha’s advice on love and marriage and the Buddhist perspective on love, generosity and compassionate relationships. Defining love in Sanskrit, Pali and Tibetan, Robert A.F. Thurman leads an in-depth exploration of it’s central role in the Buddha’s teachings, it’s relationship to compassion, empathy, philosophy and the… Read more »

Buddha & The Yogis : 2017 – Podcast Bonus RAFT Archives

The Buddha & the Yogis all levels intensive series brings together three contemporary Buddhist and yogic masters to actively explore, intellectually and experientially, the profound texts and practices from the yogic technologies associated with Tantric Mahayana Buddhism and Vedantic Hinduism, in the pristine hidden mountain valley of Menla, land of the Medicine Buddha. This extended… Read more »

Flow States : Buddhism and Psychotherapy – Ep. 207

In this two part podcast, Professor Thurman and Dr. Mark Epstein discuss the Buddhist and Western perspective on the value of meditation and how understanding altered states of consciousness like “flow states” can help shift our relationships to our thoughts, habits and the world around us. Opening with an introduction to the Buddhist concept of… Read more »